Heinrich Himmler's Camelot documents the history of the former SS-School House Wewelsburg. The Wewelsburg Castle was chosen to be the training center for spiritual enlightenment of the Führer´s elite Praetorian Guard, the SS, and to be the "Center of the New World" for a Thousand-Year Reich.

   Heinrich Himmler, appointed by Adolf Hitler as Reichsführer-SS, became responsible for researching and documenting centuries of Germanic culture, as well as defining the ideology of the Black Corps. This pictorial book also reveals captivating parallels between the phenomena of the Wewelsburg and the legendary King Arthur´s Camelot.

   Authors Stephen Cook and Stuart Russell have amassed this volume from years of research and expertise of factual history pertaining to Heinrich Himmler and the Wewelsburg Castle. The book is available from Kressmann-Backmeyer® Publishing, LLC.

Also available in England.

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